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Welcome to DolphinKids
Tri Viet Training Development and Research JSC is a facility which is specialized in investing education projects; researching and developing products/services in skill training, enriching Vietnamese children’s knowledge and art based on the latest technology application in building training curriculum and content reference, advanced training methods of countries which have developed education.
Classroom furniture with modern equipment. All classrooms have tables, chairs, toy cabinets,... which are all made of natural wood....
DolphinKids Academy is built on an area of 400m2 at Floor 1, Home City Building, 177 Trung Kinh Street, Cau Giay District, Hano.
Leadership: 03 people with over 10 years of working and management experience in education and training and corporate governance.

Learning Program

Sit around in front of a television screen, circle around with boring toys, or dive with more culture - that is the familiar summer of today's many city kids. Fear of children...
Parents who raise children without feeling anxious and nervous when they are children: shy, afraid of strangers, difficult to concentrate, hyperactive, stubborn, difficult to say,...
The desire of parents: Growing children have the ability to self-adjust, know how to adapt life, live passionate, live virtuous and live a successful life. This is also the goal...

Extracurricular activities

We conduct collaborative programs with local and international organizations in areas such as young entrepreneurs and social enterprises.