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TriViet Corporation


Company Name: Tri Viet Training Development and Research JSC

Head office: Floor 1, Home City Building, Nguyen Chanh Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Tel: 043. 5558805

Website: www.trivietcorporation.com www.dolphinkids.edu.vn         www.ismartkids.vn

Tri Viet Training Development and Research Joint Stock Company has its precursor which are Viet A Training Joint Stock Company (established in 2007) and Vietnam Talent Kid Training Joint Stock Company (established in 2010). More details of the company’s history can be found here.

Tri Viet Training Development and Research JSC is a facility which is specialized in investing education projects; researching and developing products/services in skill training, enriching Vietnamese children’s knowledge and art based on the latest technology application in building training curriculum and content reference, advanced training methods of countries which have developed education.

Tri Viet has expected to contribute to the implementation of modern education programs for Vietnamese children based on technology, method and advanced content acknowledgement from other countries which have developed education.


With the pioneering aspirations in the field of investing, researching, and developing training programs, high quality training products with modern, effective and new methods for Vietnamese students, Tri Viet has strived to become the leading education and training corporation in Vietnam and the region in the field of life skills education, enriching knowledge for children.

Tri Viet wants to build a Vietnamese brand that represents the wisdom of the Vietnamese.


  • For the market: To provide high quality training products and services in line with the general trend and needs of Vietnamese students in the integration era.
  • For shareholders and partners: To cooperate and develop on the basis of “Win – Win”, which promote cooperation and sustainable development.
  • For employees: To build a professional, dynamic, creative and human culture working environment; to create opportunities to raise high income and develop equally for all employees.
  • For society: To demonstrate the desire to harmonize the business benefits with the social benefits by directing activities and contributing to community activities with a sense of responsibility and pride of Vietnamese people.

Core values

  • Wisdom: To use the wisdom of the Vietnamese to build and develop high quality education and training programs. To use the wisdom to learn, the education and training elite of countries and friends around the world. To use wisdom to create, to regard the creativity to be the vitality, the motivation to develop.
  • Heart: To be confidential with the profession, always to respect the value of professional ethics, to respect the law.
  • Quintessence: To build a quintessential human resource, to build quintessential products to contribute to building a quintessential life and society.
  • Faith: To regard the faith to be a top priority. To be faithful with customers, partners and yourself.
  • Human: To build a harmonious relationship on the basis of equity. To appreciation of humanity, solidarity.

Mai duties of the company

  • To cooperate with education and training organizations of developed countries to provide training programs enriching knowledge and developing modern international skills which are suitable for Vietnamese children..
  • To invest, study, build and cooperate in organizing the training of life and art education programs for children in Vietnam and the ASEAN region.

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