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Use the action of the work from the children of the development of children

By admin / On January 28, 2018 / In Extracurricular, Study program

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FasTracKids Hanoi – DolphinKids awarded “The best performance in custumer attraction” & “The exellent acchievement in increasing family registrations”
DolphinKids vinh dự nhận cú đúp giải thưởng “Trung tâm FasTracKids tương tác với phụ huynh hiệu quả nhất và thu hút được nhiều đối tác tiềm năng nhất” trong hội nghị tổng kết hoạt động của...

The FasTrack Avantages
Each FasTracKids® program offers a combination of learning skills known as the FasTrack® Advantages. These advantages focus on the process of learning or HOW to think, NOT simply memorizing the content of learning or WHAT to think, while having fun in the