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FasTracKids Program

The desire of parents: Growing children have the ability to self-adjust, know how to adapt life, live passionate, live virtuous and live a successful life. This is also the goal of education. FasTracKids® International was established in the United States in 1998 and began developing FasTracKids’ skills development and enrichment program with the goal of helping children around the world become citizens of the world. New and successful social benefits. And that is also the goal and desire of Tri Viet Education Group, the unit of DolphinKids when signed with FasTracKids® International to bring FasTracKids program to Vietnam teaching from 2010. With the breakthrough in content , teaching methods and equipment, this program has been applied successfully in Vietnam. So far, thousands of students have taken the FasTracKids program at DolphinKids.

Each FasTracKids® program offers a combination of learning skills known as the FasTrack® Advantages. These advantages focus on the process of learning or HOW to think, NOT simply memorizing the content of learning or WHAT to think, while having fun in the
Your child’s learning potential is at the heart of every FasTracKids® experience. FasTracKids instructors are required to attend a training to receive certification in the FasTracKids teaching methodology. After certification, instructors continue...
FasTracKids is a training program to enrich knowledge, develop thinking, foster life skills and social skills for children from 3 to 8 years old.
A lifelong love of learning stems from insatiable curiosity and continued stimulation. Children love FasTracKids® because our programs engage their minds and fuel their imagination.
The digital age of our new millennium has given rise to a new type of learner. Our children are now called ‘digital natives’. Noted neurologist Bruce Perry states that digital learners‘ brains are wired differently compared to learners in previous...