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iSmartKids Program

Parents who raise children without feeling anxious and nervous when they are children: shy, afraid of strangers, difficult to concentrate, hyperactive, stubborn, difficult to say, vocabulary and expressions are limited, self conscious I do not know how to handle difficult problems in school and life … Science has demonstrated at different ages that children will encounter various psychological problems, not to mention the raw Other characteristics such as personality, genetics, living environment, educational methods. The task of the family and the school is to grasp the children’s early good fortune, personality and psychology to apply appropriate educational methods and programs to help children. Overcoming the disadvantages, promoting the advantages of his. ISmartKids comprehensive life skills education program is designed for pre-school and elementary students. The program aims to comprehensively educate the basic skills necessary for children according to guidance content No. 463 / BGDĐT of the Ministry of Education and Training.

iSmartKids is a comprehensive life skills training and development program.The program is designed for preschool, elementary and junior high school students. Methods of lecture instruction, classroom activity organization are referenced and applied from...