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iSmartSummer Program

Sit around in front of a television screen, circle around with boring toys, or dive with more culture – that is the familiar summer of today’s many city kids. Fear of children out of health is affected by hot weather, polluted air, many strangers pass through, no play is anxious anxiety is very common parents, but inadvertently lost the gap Your precious summer time. So give me a summer that is not only suitable for me but also for the situation where I grew up. Do not rigidly forced the child to participate in outdoor activities outside the temperature of up to nearly 50 degrees Celsius and air smells gasoline, dust … Do not aspire to force children to learn math, again come to Van, back to English … when in the year the children were too tired by the pressure exam and expect great achievements from the family. Do not be trapped in the house with only a TV, tablet or other non-essential toys – things that can make you become more reserved, shy and more closed when your friends are involved. Extracurricular activities are useful for development. There is no lack of summer programs for children to learn interesting knowledge, both skills and physical training, as well as giving children memorable memories.

iSmartSummer is a Summer Day-Board Program for Preschool and Elementary School students. The program with the criterion "learning by playing, learning by playing" helps children have a useful summer. The program is one of the top choices of parents in Han