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iSmartSummer Program

iSmartSummer is a Summer Day-Board Program for Preschool and Elementary School students. The program with the criterion “learning by playing, learning by playing” helps children have a useful summer. The program is one of the top choices of parents in Hanoi when registering the summer day-board study program for children.

The program is based on the choice of appropriate subjects, a reasonable balance between study time and time spent on fun activities. A useful curriculum that combines learning, play, picnics and careful care not only maintains the learning habit but also increases the excitement of children, contributing significantly to the support of the development of intelligence, the way of expressing emotions and communication skills.

The main objectives of the program:

  • To help children have a useful and interesting summer
  • To develop creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • To help children improve and review knowledge.
  • To help children develop life skills through fun activities, picnics, gifted subjects.
  • To help parents to keep their mind on their work, avoid upsetting the activities of each family when the child is on vacation.

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